The Best Free Reverb Plugin | Togu Audio Line TAL-Reverb-II


TAL’s first version of this popular free reverb plugin was a hit. Now, their second iteration of the TAL-Reverb-II adds a 3-band EQ to a classic plate reverb that allows you to fully sculpt the frequencies, tone, and colour of the reverb.

This upgrade is wildly attractive with plenty of options for quick adjustments on the fly. If you’re a novice looking to get a grips on reverb, or are simply just looking for some new arsenal for your plugin collection then this is an absolute steal.

While on their site, be sure to also check out the TAL-Reverb-III and the TAL-Reverb-4 as they are also free. They vary in features and one comes in a standalone version of the reverb section from the TAL-Sampler plugin. We just so happen to really enjoy the II as there is a fantastic balance of high quality sound and control. To download, click here.