Rock Studio Recording Sessions | Hoobastank

Like any of us who grew up in the early 2000’s, genres such as post-grunge, alternative rock, alternative metal, hard rock, nu metal, and previously funk metal and ska punk were all the craze. These were transitional years for the music business as recordings were becoming increasingly digital and DAW-based. Arguments over analog and digital aside, one things thats for sure is this gave engineers insane degrees of control over some aspects of the recording. Audio was becoming much more compressed and the overall signal was much louder.

There is a distinct change between the albums of say Pearl Jam and the one of discussion today Hoobastank that had a clear move toward digital in not just compression and dynamic range but editing and overall “tightness”

In this “in the studio” exclusive with Hoobastank, you’ll hear them discuss the difference between life as a musician in during these years, and life of an audio engineer.

From a quick search, it turns out these guys are still at it, pumping out music of the same kin as back in the early to mid 2000s. What do you think about the formative digital years? Were they good or bad for audio? And why?

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