Sneakpeek | Vocal Sampling in Logic Pro X

Wildy popular these days in many genres of music is a style of vocal sampling that takes snippets or segments of a piece of a vocals and plays on its pitch and timing, making it rhythmically exciting and introduces a whole new way to think about a vocal in a piece of music.

It’s literally everywhere and you can’t hide from it. Especially in genres of trap and EDM it is utterly rampant. Oftentimes it can be done in good taste. Others it can sounds ultimately annoying. But your use of it is for you to decide. Below is a prime example of a stuttered vocal sample effect in a collaboration project between artist Spank Rock and producers Kid Kamillion and Boys Noize.

Notice at around 1:58 all the variations of vocal stuttering effects taking place. I would argue that this is done rather well and though repetitive, offers a good degree of musicality, and personality to the production. This turns the vocal into an instrument like never before, introducing ways of thinking about the vocal as a rhythmic instrument, though it is outside of what the human voice can produce.

Now it is easy to go overboard with this effect and put it in places it doesn’t belong. But that’s for you to decide. Here we’d just like to show you how you can do it. Below is a reproduced example on how to recreate the lead vocal sampling effect of “Lean On” by Major Lazor and DJ Snake.

“Lean On” was a massive success for Major Lazer and DJ Snake, getting them worldwide recognition. The song was a huge perpetrator for the new wave of sampled vocal effects heard commonly in pop music today. Don’t be surprised to head much more of this effect, and effects like it in the coming years. And who knows, refine your skills well enough and mix them with a good douse of creativity and maybe it will be you’re track making global influence.

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Free Creative Sample Packs | Wavy by Landr

If you’re looking to keep your sample collection up-to-date with some highly creative and innovative sounds, automated mastering service Landr has launched a new platform called Wavy that sends royalty free sample packs every month to your inbox. All sounds are completely free with no rules on their use.

The platform also allows creators to upload packs of their own samples to be used as a form of promotion. So if you’ve got some unique sounds you’ve been working on, simply make a submission and their team will assess your work. They accept:

  • 5MB max per file
  • 25MB max per pack
  • Up to 7 sounds per pack
  • Uncompressed .WAVs

Accepted submission will get a link back to their work, so the potential for fans and collaborations are high.

Taking a stroll through their catalogue you will quickly discover that the sounds are definitely fresh; sure to get the creative juices flowing. These aren’t your standard sample packs of 808s, and 909s. The internet is already bloated with those. Samples that appear on Wavy have much more character to keep you creative.

Each sample pack is 100% royalty free so you can go from download to DAW instantly with no hassles. Wavy sounds are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can use them for literally whatever you want.

Every sample is in high quality WAV format and mastered with LANDR for A+ sound quality.

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The Best Free Reverb Plugin | Togu Audio Line TAL-Reverb-II


TAL’s first version of this popular free reverb plugin was a hit. Now, their second iteration of the TAL-Reverb-II adds a 3-band EQ to a classic plate reverb that allows you to fully sculpt the frequencies, tone, and colour of the reverb.

This upgrade is wildly attractive with plenty of options for quick adjustments on the fly. If you’re a novice looking to get a grips on reverb, or are simply just looking for some new arsenal for your plugin collection then this is an absolute steal.

While on their site, be sure to also check out the TAL-Reverb-III and the TAL-Reverb-4 as they are also free. They vary in features and one comes in a standalone version of the reverb section from the TAL-Sampler plugin. We just so happen to really enjoy the II as there is a fantastic balance of high quality sound and control. To download, click here.